Thursday, 21st January 2021
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Introducing Our Pastor

Introducing Our Pastor,

Pastor Ron BSc(Mathematics) NZCS(Statistics), Diploma of Teaching

Our pastor was saved in June 1980 and married Janette that same year on the 22nd of November.

Pastor and Jan 005

Pastor and his wife Jan

Our pastor has a Science degree from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He majored in Mathematics and Geography. He also obtained a New Zealand Certificate of Science majoring in Statistics.

In 1977 our pastor was employed by the Meteorological Service for 12 years before changing his career to teaching Mathematics, Computer Studies, and Science at Southland Boys’ High School after gaining a teaching diploma from Christchurch Teacher’s College. It was in Invercargill that our pastor came into contact with Tay St Baptist Church.

Our pastor is a ‘home grown’ preacher. It was in Invercargill that he received the call to preach and teach the Word of God from the Lord. He studied Greek with Pastor Richard Brosseau (a Baptist Mid-Missions Missionary from the USA) in Invercargill and then under the tutelage of Pastor Peter Marsman Baptist Missionary from Australia. Our pastor then attended Queensland Baptist Bible College in Australia through correspondence under the watchful eye of Dr John Nordman.

Our pastor took over shepherding the flock from Pastor Peter Marsman on the 22nd of November 1998. He initiated the Building Fund from which the church building was bought in June 2010.

The Christchurch Earthquake on 22nd February 2011 destroyed the church building. During the rebuild time of our church building our services were held at St Kentigern Presbyterian Church on Rookwood Ave, New Brighton from 2pm. The rebuild was completed sufficiently enough for us to use early 2014 and we had our first service in our new building on 6th April 2014.

Our pastor is supported fultime in the ministry by the church membership.

Rebuild February 2014

Rebuild February 2014

Church Building 8th May 2015

Church Building 8th May 2015